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Shirley Park



Platform: Web, Flash-based MMO


Time: 4 months


Role: UI/UX Design


Questyinz Island was an extension to the existing Questyinz Website, hosted by the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA). Questyinz Island used reading-centric avatar expressions to enable social interactions and facilitate an online community.  to build onto the existing database populated by user-generated content of reading content.


Our team conducted several playtests at local Pennsylvania school libraries in order to test and improve usability across a K-5 age demographic.

I worked on the 3D asset creation, UI/UX design and

handled the transfer of 3D art assets into the Flash project.


The Questyinz Island module was launched and used by the ACLA during the summer of 2014, and is now hosted here: You can use the username: 2000000001 to try it out.

Teammmates: Christian Karrs, Gameplay Designer;

Maria Allejandra Montenegro, Programmer;

Youn Kim, 3D Artist;

Haiyin Yang UI/UX Design; Goksu Ugur, Programmer


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