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Shirley Park

Build Something


Platform: Web


Time: 48 hours


Role: Co-Designer, Writer


Build Something is an interactive web experience, designed with the goal of providing insight into Human Centered Design.


HCD applied to human issues proposes that hearing for context, creating, and iterative design as a methodology enables us to tackle problems that seem outside of our individual control.


In Build Something Pokeys make demands on the user that seem ambiguous and hard to satisfy. What's more, the user has a limited set of tools to satisfy the pokey's demands. In order to meet their needs, the user must listen to each of their requests, and adapt under their set of constraints to build a solution.


Build Something was modeled after an experience similar to Parable of the Polygons. The #NowIGetIt game jam matched developers with experts in fields ranging from economics to abusive relationship in order to design games that create transformational moments of insight.


I helped create the design concept, collaborated with our team of HCI expert to ensure the insight was accurate, co-designed the experience and wrote the body of the text.


Co-Developers: Anthony Scott (programmer, co-designer) and Rachina Ahuja (artist).

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