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Shirley Park



Platform: Moverio BT-200 smartglasses


Time: 4 months


Role: Programmer


Palimpsest is a navigation app that placing a 3D companion robot rendered for stereo vision in real space using the glasses' sensor data. The robot uses voice I/O, gesture recognition and expressive animation to guide the user to the final destination.


I worked as a programmer, writing a plugin for the Unity game enginer in order to call third party gesture recognition methods in native Android, built I/O logic in an event-based architecture, and as the pipeline programmer, handling the transferrance of 3D assets and animation.


I also conducted usability testing, and was able to use the results to document insights on mobile AR development.


Palimpsest was featured in The Architechnologist, Yahoo Finance, Virtual-Strategy Magazine, and Twice.


Teammates: Rex Hsieh, Artist; Wei Guo, Programmer; Mohit Taneja, Programmer; John Shields, Producer

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